Give Consumers Product Details they want with the Transparency they Demand

Scanbuy is the leading provider of thousands of SmartLabel QR Codes on products for more brands such as Hershey, General Mills, Mondelez and many more.

When it comes to concerns such as nutrition, health, and safety, consumers require more than general information. They want the inside scoop delivered straight from the source. Until SmartLabel™ arrived on the scene, brands were limited by the tiny amount of real estate available on a product label. Now, brands have discovered that some of the most effective communication happens beyond the label—and the package holds the key.

Thousands of SmartLabel™ QR Codes are providing Consumers a better view

It’s important to understand that SmartLabel isn’t just about marketing what is already on the label—it’s about sharing all the information that doesn’t fit on the label. The timely technology gives brands the opportunity to create a conversation between consumers and the farmers or producers of the products they use. To facilitate these engagements, more than half of the companies currently providing label transparency through SmartLabel are activating packages with SmartLabel QR Codes.

Scanbuy SmartLabel Mondelez QR Code

Here’s how it works

Consumers simply scan QR Codes on product packages, or searches online to gain instant connections to specific information supplied by the brand owner. Facts are clearly presented on a landing page in a consistent format across all product lines, including unique details such as where and how products are made and exactly what they contain.

The Scanbuy difference

  • Proven, cloud-based technology for easy implementation
  • Secure platform with IP protection
  • Print-ready QR Codes and APIs to speed up time-to-market
  • Editable URLs for ongoing flexibility 
  • Detailed scanning and page analytics for full research capabilities 
  • Approved SmartLabel Knowledge Partner, active member several SmartLabel workgroups
  • Strong relationships with GMA, FCPC, Label Insight and 1WorldSync

mPackaging for SmartLabel

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