SmartLabelĀ® and Beyond

Give Consumers Product Details they want with the Transparency they Demand

SmartLabel provides consumers with complete access to nutritional facts, ingredients, advisories, your larger sustainability story, regulatory mandates and so much more. SmartLabel addresses a growing need from health-conscious consumers demanding a complete understanding of the products their families consume and use, and QR Codes on packages invite them to dig beyond the label.

Delivering Product Transparency, Traceability and Supply Chain Visibility through SmartLabel

SmartLabel QR Codes can now not only deliver consumers to a SmartLabel landing page, but can create a unique digital identity for every single package. Scanbuy can connect your consumers to the transparency they demand, while providing the traceability and supply chain visibility you require.

Multi-Purpose Digital Trigger

As SmartLabel QR Code package activation expands across product portfolios, it is important that we help companies future-proof their investment in SmartLabel, by solving product traceability and visibility using the exact same barcode. No longer does a product require a consumer-facing QR code for transparency and regulatory mandates and an internal-facing barcode (such as a datamatrix code) for tracking and traceability.

Thousands of SmartLabel™ QR Codes are Providing Consumers a Better View

It’s important to understand that SmartLabel isn’t just about marketing what is already on the label—it’s about sharing all the information that doesn’t fit on the label. The timely technology gives brands the opportunity to create a conversation between consumers and the farmers or producers of the products they use. To facilitate these engagements, more than half of the companies currently providing label transparency through SmartLabel are activating packages with SmartLabel QR Codes.

Scanbuy SmartLabel Mondelez QR Code

The Scanbuy Difference

  • Global leader in QR Code services — and has been for years
  • Owner of the largest and oldest IP portfolio in the QR Code industry
  • Proven, cloud-based technology that is scalable and secure
  • High-volume serialization, pre-serialization, batch and single SKU capability
  • Flexible production and distribution integration
  • Leverages API to connect your packages to any blockchain
  • Print-ready QR Codes for all package types and print processes
  • Branded and editable URLs for ongoing flexibility
  • Detailed scanning and page analytics for full research capabilities 
  • Supports multi-country, multi-language and multi-experience requirements
  • Core SmartLabel member, approved SmartLabel Knowledge partner, active member several SmartLabel workgroups
  • Strong relationships with GMA, FCPC, FMI, Gladson, Label Insight and 1WorldSync

Scanbuy SmartLabel and Beyond

Active Packaging Opportunity

By providing products with a unique identity, we can deliver visibility and insights into all stages of the product lifecycle, informing production and logistics decisions and allowing for product traceability, supply chain optimization and personalized consumer engagement.