Client - Starbucks

Client: Starbucks
Country: United States
Placement: Media
Interaction: Large Business

The Challenge

To promote their new line of signature roasts, Starbucks wanted their customers to learn more and engage by identifying with the “Roast they Love the Most.” Plus, they needed an easy way to give customers information on the various flavors of bagged coffee to help them make more informed decisions.

The ScanLife Solution

QR Codes were placed on millions of coffee bags which linked to a list of videos on the product and other demonstrations such as “How to Brew Coffee”. Bookmarks were then distributed in and around Starbucks locations so customers could scan, vote and share their favorite flavor of coffee roast. Over 50,000 votes were cast from the mobile site alone. This code was also customized with coffee beans to give Starbucks customers a more branded experience.