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Don’t Let Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns Scare Consumers Away: The Do’s & Don’ts of Mobile Marketing

The holiday season is quickly approaching and Halloween is the start of it! “49% of marketers plan to launch their Christmas campaigns before Halloween,” according to HubSpot Marketing. In addition, “3 out of 5 retailers dedicate 20% of their total marketing budgets to online marketing just for the holidays.” These are some powerful stats!

Mobile marketing has never been a more important element to growing brand awareness and keeping consumers engaged—especially with the smartphone absorbing more and more time from millions and millions of consumers each day.

Mobile marketing is about using unique approaches to deliver mobile messages to consumers, at just the right moment. Whether through product packaging, an advertisement or a mobile coupon, it’s about convenience and ease-of-use, while creatively sharing relevant information and keeping consumers interested and engaged throughout the entire experience.

Yet marketers sometimes struggle and miss the mark when it comes to making sure that their mobile campaigns are being executed appropriately.

Halloween may be the scariest time of year, but your mobile marketing shouldn’t be. The last thing you want to do is deliver a bad exfearience to your consumers! Below are a few do’s and don’ts of mobile marketing that are too frightful to ignore:

Set SMART not SCARY goals. Set realistic expectations for your mobile marketing campaigns and monitor with analytics and reporting.
Know your mobile audience. There is nothing scarier than delivering the wrong message or experience at the wrong moment.
Create great content, it is still king. Messaging is key, there may be millions of people on their mobile devices but they should NOT all get the same message.
Engage, and engage often. Whether a code on a product, advertisement or mobile coupon, consumers wants to hear from you.
Keep it simple. Calls to action should be straightforward and effortless. The smaller the screen, the simpler the messaging should be.
Integrate across devices and channels. Make sure that campaigns flow smoothly across mobile and desktop.

Don’t forget the customer. Deliver personalized and informative experiences that are most interesting to the customer.
Don’t deliver a bad experience. Make sure your content is mobile optimized, nothing scarier than losing a customer because you delivered them to a big and clumsy website while on a mobile device.
Don’t create extra work for the consumer. Creativity is important, but interaction is key, the experience must be worth their time.
Don’t just do a single touchpoint. The opportunities are endless: mobile coupons, mobile QR codes, location-based marketing, behavior driven offers, and much more.
Don’t let all your hard work go to waste. The last thing you want is your campaign to deliver disappointing results. Test, test, and test.
• Don’t let mobile marketing scare you away. Stay focused on the customer!

Scanbuy wishes you a very spooktacular Halloween!

We are here to help you delivery happy marketing results, so don’t be scared to reach us at or call us at (646) 688-5818.

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