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When it Comes to QR Codes, Quick is Only the Beginning

QR Codes have been around for a while now, but their value continues to resonate, and with good reason. It’s all about the QR.

So what is QR anyway?

QR stands for Quick Response: the prompt way codes react when consumers wave smartphones at them. Living up to their name, they dutifully respond in an instant.

But what does Quick Response really mean? That depends on your perspective.

For consumers, the value is time. There are never enough minutes in the day, and QR Codes give some back to the consumer. Quick Response is a time-saver that can remove stress from the daily routine and even make world travel a little easier. Well-placed codes can add up to immediate savings on everyday products and deliver timely reviews that alleviate costly purchase nightmares.

For brands, agencies and marketers, the value goes straight to the bottom line in the form of sales velocity and repeat business. Quick Response is a vehicle for making personalized connections with millions of customers, delivering instant deals on their favorite products, and adjusting messages on the fly without throwing marketing dollars out the window.

Okay, that makes sense. But what else is hiding in that QR?

It’s also Quite Relevant. That means the codes deliver more than just speedy results. They connect consumers with brands at the very moment when it matters most: smack-dab in the decision process. A QR Code shows up when people are evaluating options, standing in front of a product or looking for an answer. Quite Relevant, isn’t it? Few marketing solutions can make that claim.

Ah, but there’s more.

These days, each marketing decision matters more than ever. One wrong move can set a brand back for months—or even put a company out of business. QR Codes provide Quality Research. With QR Codes, marketers know who’s scanning, where they’re located, what they prefer and how they shop. And marketing teams can use that data to change the message in real time, so it will always be relevant.

Scan Stats

QR Codes are more than just a quick fix. When it comes to mobile relationship management, companies that have figured it out are using the swift, relevant, research-based benefits of QR Codes to gain a competitive advantage.

That’s value you can take to the bank.

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