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Introducing mVision: Unlocking Data You Want to See

Knowledge is power, and that is especially true when it comes to tracking the who, where and when of your marketing plan.  For years, marketers have relied on audits or qualitative feedback to understand the impact of traditional media like magazine ads, in-store displays, and especially packaging.  That has all changed with the introduction of the mobile engagement platform, and real world triggers like QR Codes and NFC.

This week we released a completely new analytics tool that allows our customers to get more questions answered about their ScanLife powered activity.  Yes, it’s great to know “how many scans did I get” but what if you could go further and answer what age group and gender is seeing the most scans per user group, what city is seeing the most returning scans, and what my sweet spots are for day parts.


This is what mVision Insights does, and much more.  It helps you analyze over 25 different metrics across your activity and visualize that data in easy to understand reports.  So while it’s no surprise that your campaign may see the highest volume of scans in NYC, you now can see that smaller cities like Orlando are actually giving you a higher ROI per user.

Advertisers have been craving this kind of data even more than their 3-Martini lunch. Here’s other examples of what mVision Insights offers:

  • Know exactly when a new print ad hits the market or whether your in-store displays are actually being displayed
  • See how the life cycle across your campaigns change over time and how the long tail can add up to big numbers
  • Uncover insights about new demographic groups that you may want to target
  • See which of your campaigns are driving the most repeat engagement and leading to cross media activation
  • Understand product purchasing or usage trends down to the day of the week and day part

mVision Example 2

All of this and much more is possible, but you first have to make mobile engagement triggers like QR Codes, NFC, and short URLs part of your marketing strategy.  Unless you give your customers a way to engage from physical to mobile, you will never see this kind of data!

Over 8 million people are engaging every month just through our platform so get out there and uncover your own mVision.

Read the official Press Release.


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