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ScanLife Makes it to Broadway

We’ve seen some pretty wild used of ScanLife, and this is up there!

A public art exhibition dubbed, “Sidewalk Catwalk” launched last week which consists of 32 mannequins – each one created by top American designers.  One of the mannequins was designed by a big ScanLife supporter, Norma Kamali.  She used this opportunity to blend fashion with technology by covering her mannequin from head to toe in red 2D ScanLife codes.  Each code instantly links to one of 17 unique videos related to Kamali’s collection.

Open ScanLife, and try it out! (You may need to click on the image to enlarge.)

As you may remember, Kamali introduced ScanLife throughout her store in NYC, but this is really taking it to a new level!  The mannequins will be auctioned off for charity at the end of the Summer on Labor Day.

You can check out some coverage on the story from the NY Daily News.

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