Why Scanbuy

Imagine a world where virtually everything and everyone has a “find out more” button. Every product. Every place. Every advertisement. Every person. Anywhere. Anytime.

Welcome to the world of Scanbuy.

With Scanbuy, virtually anyone can instantly access information, connect to a website, or even watch a “how to” video, simply by scanning a barcode on a product package, a business card, an advertisement, or even a store display window. Scanbuy represents a powerful way to engage consumers, employees, groups, spectators and friends.

With our advanced cloud-based Mobile Engagement Platform we can intelligently map any UPC, QR Code, image or object. Our QR Code generator systems can collect data from every scan and quickly report the number of scans, unique users, time/date, location, and even representative demographics. Data used to analyze how the campaign is performing. Learn more about our powerful reporting and analytics.

Benefits of working with Scanbuy - Mobile Engagement Platform- More Intelligent Experiences- Powerful Analytics- Professional Services- Developer Partnership Program

Whether you're a global brand, retailer, publisher, or a developer —Scanbuy has the solution for you.

Endless Possibilities
  • Educate buyers
  • Engage social networking
  • Share information
  • Foster viral marketing
  • Increase website traffic
  • Initiate mobile ecommerce
  • Increase mobile app downloads
  • Give a survey
  • Enhance any marketing campaign