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Trend Report 2013 Q3

Consumer mobile engagement is dramatically on the rise—we processed over 180 interactions per minute during the third quarter. Mobile barcode marketing continues to attract a global crowd of consumers, led by value shoppers, gamers, social influencers and other enthusiasts who are interacting with QR Codes and other mobile triggers from their smartphones.  As shown in the ScanLife Mobile Barcode Trend Report for Q3, these engaged consumers are downloading apps, getting tourist information, managing customer service benefits and more.

This edition contains key insights on scanning growth and behavior such as:

  • Females who are 35-44 scan the most on average, while males in that same age group are popular return scanners.
  • We processed nearly 24 million scans in Q3 alone, and over 180 scans per minute.
  • Codes generating the greatest interest are from a variety of industries such as food and beverage, electronics, and retail.
  • Statistics reveal that 64% of scanners consist of Android users and 34% are Apple iOS users, while 2% use another device type.

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