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ScanLife is bringing you an inside look at the first ever mobile connected Olympics.

Creating a Connected Experience

Millions of people from around the world, speaking all languages descend on London for the 2012 Olympics with one thing in common – they will all carry a connected device.

Each day, people in over 140 countries use the ScanLife mobile app to get everything mobile – social, commerce, entertainment and location relevance. This is how ScanLife activated QR Codes can work on a global stage to create a better experience.

ScanLife delivers smarter, richer and more relevant access to information and experiences using QR Codes. Exactly where it’s needed. And when it’s needed. When you choose to create QR codes through ScanLife, you’ll be creating a more intelligent campaign. ScanLife has mastered the art of QR codes that go beyond simple generators and offers one of the most popular QR code apps in the world.

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