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Today’s consumers want to know if the milk in their chocolate bar is organic, or if the cereal they’re about to purchase contains allergens. SmartLabel™ is being used by brands as a vehicle to deliver greater product transparency, creating a virtual window of consumer-driven information that can be accessed in real-time via any smartphone.

Meanwhile, Companies need to know if the chocolate in the same chocolate bar contains cacao, and if traceable to each individual farm. 

Scanbuy and Kezzler are creating next-gen SmartLabel solutions that no longer require products to have a consumer-facing barcode for transparency and an internal-facing barcode for traceability.

Scanbuy-Kezzler SmartLabel Transparency and Traceability

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  • How to launch unique & interactive SmartLabel codes that give each product a digital DNA.

  • How to improve transparency and traceability by digitizing the lifecycle of your products.

  • How next-gen innovation in packaging is shaping up to optimize supply chain traceability.

  • How to take advantage of opportunities with packaging optimization. 

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