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Get up to 3 codes | 500 scans per year, and basic code actions and publishing (no support)

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$25 / mo

Entry-level, PERSONAL use*
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5 codes | 500 scans / year
Basic Code Actions
1 Website / 20 Templates
Basic Usage Information
Simplified Code Publishing
Online Support

$85 / mo

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10 codes | 2,500 scans / year
More Code Actions
3 Websites / 40 Templates
Basic Analytics
More Robust Code Publishing
Online Support

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All-inclusive platform built to
support marketing strategies of
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10+ codes | 1,000+ scans / mo
Advanced Code Actions
10 Websites** / 40 Templates
Advanced Analytics
Full Code Publishing
Enterprise Support
Full-Feature Access
Dedicated Account Manager
Multi-user Accounts
*Both Basic and Basic + have strict limited commercial use policies, and are not available for brands, agencies, resale, large retailers, and enterprises.
**More sites could be added to an account for an additional charge.

Additional QR Code Costs and Package Information

ScanLife offers a mobile engagement solution suitable for any marketing strategy and more! Below describes the QR Code costs and creation plans offered from entry-level personal use to enterprise level. Whatever your QR Code need, ScanLife has the right scalable mobile engagement solution for you!


Basic: $25/month

The basic mobile engagement QR Code creation plan is perfect for individuals that need a tool to creatively transport information. This plan includes 5 QR Codes and 500 QR Code scans per year. There are many fun and useful ways to use a QR Code. With a QR Code you can easily transport the following information:

  • Website URL
  • Phone number (click to call)
  • Contact information
  • Email
  • Notes

For example, include on your business card a LinkedIn profile, Facebook page or professional web page. A basic plan client has used QR Codes to help identify their personal belongings by including a QR Code sticker to ensure their contact information is with items that may get lost. The possibilities for utilizing and generating QR Codes for personal uses are endless!


Basic Plus: $85/month

Small businesses can benefit from the basic plus mobile engagement QR Code creation plan as the plan offers more code actions. This plan includes 10 QR Codes and 2,500 QR Code scans per year. In addition to the basic plan code actions, with basic plus you get a mobile optimized menu. Then retrieve valuable analytics information from your QR Code:

  • Scans
  • Users
  • Locations
  • Representative demographics
  • Device type

The designer codes feature allows you to brand your QR Code to match your business colors and logo. Basic plus includes code publishing in all file formats including EPS!


Enterprise: Free 14-Day Trial

Ideal for larger scale businesses, retailers, brands, agencies, resellers and enterprises that require an all-inclusive mobile engagement platform. This plan includes 10+ QR Codes and 1,000 QR Code scans per month. With the following advanced features included:

  • Code actions
    • Everything in the Basic Plus plan, plus:
    • SMSTwitter
    • Calendar
  • Analytics
    • Everything in the Basic Plus plan, plus:
    • Device type
    • Raw data download
  • Full code publishing
  • Full-feature access

ScanLife will ensure your enterprise plan has a dedicated account manager to offer you full support.

With the option to White label your QR Code platform and multi-user access, it’s the perfect enterprise level mobile solution to connect your business with your consumers!