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Platform Updates

We are constantly making improvements to the ScanLife Mobile Engagement Platform to bring you new features and enhanced usability.  If you have any questions, please visit our Community Support, or contact your account representative.

Note: As of July 18, 2013 all new features will be added to the new interface version only.  If you have access to this interface, you will see an orange switch button at the upper right corner of your account.

Recent Updates

May 19, 2014

You can now easily duplicate a code from the new interface.

Before you download a code, make sure you add the call to action so you communicate the reasons why someone should scan your code! This feature is now available on the download page of the platform.

You can now create campaigns in the new interface.

You can now create group users in the new interface.

The ability to create folders from the code creation page has been added.

Search for any code on the code grid by using the user email of the person who created the code.

April 7, 2014

New version of the platform now supports code type change. You are able to change any existing code to any code type action.

Calendar code problem, where AM event times weren’t saving, has been fixed.

Ability to share a link to a QR code has been added to the download code page.

A bug where short URL and Copy buttons did not appear on the download page has been fixed.


February 25, 2014

In this release we are introducing a complete mobile website builder to any account on a paid plan!  Just click on the Site Builder option from the Create page to try it out.

The site builder inclides the following features:

  • Choose from 20-40 pre-made templates & 3 different navigation options
  • Create a full site with multiple levels
  • Drag and drop content actions:
    • Photo Gallery
    • Embedded Videos
    • Embedded Maps
    • Contact details
    • Link to external sites
    • File Uploads (PDFs)
    • Social Integration & Sharing
    • RSS Feeds
  • Connect to Google Analytics for additional tracking
  • SEO check for pages & all social connections
  • Completely ad-free

View the pricing page to see how many sites you have access to, and you may contact support for access to additional sites.

January 23, 2014

The following updates were made in this release:

  • Ability to create a folder from the Manage page (see below demo)
  • Admins can manage and create users from the profile drop down.  Simply click your name and choose My Users (if you have this enabled)
  • Trial users can easily view other experiences they don't have access to from the Create section and upgrade any time
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Microsoft Tags to be downloaded in PDF format

Creating a folder (refresh page to view demo):

December 24, 2013

Our last release of 2013!  The following items were updated:

The Designer Code feature has been completed so you can change the color and upload an image into your QR Code.  Then our system checks to see if the code is likely to be successfully scanned or if it needs to be adjusted.  You must have a paid ScanLife account to have access to this feature.

Here is a demo:

A welcome message is shown to new users to get a high level view of how ScanLife works before you get started.

November 22, 2013

Updated the Lotto or Instant Win creation process in the new version of the platform.  The frequency setting is also more streamlined so you can choose from Unlimited Wins to Once Ever.

Updated the Calendar creation process in the new version of the platform.  Also added the ability to set the specific start and end date of the event you would like people to save.  This is ideal for reminding a user of a TV premiere or event with a specific start time.

Added the ability to change the color of a QR Code from a color picker. You may also type in your own color code to get an exact match.  

Also added the Microsoft Tag format to the ScanLife code creation API and choose from various file formats including PDF.

October 17, 2013

We have introduced mVision Insights, a completely new analytics tool that allows you to view and access your data in a number of new ways.  Get access to 20+ beautiful charts that can help you get immediate insights with minimal work. You can signup to receive more information on this product from the Reports tab in the "New Look" version.  Or just click here to learn more.

We added a notification when a trial account has expired.  Upgrading your account will allow you to create new codes or continue using any codes that you have already created.

A bug was fixed which was reporting an incorrect country name on some transactions from the mapping tool in reports. 

October 8, 2013

Now you can easily search for a specific code name to run reports in the new version of the platform.  Simply type the name of the code you are looking for, and it will automatically search for any name containing those characters.  By default it will sort them based on the creation and modified date of the codes in your account.

We also added a button for trial users to upgrade to a subscription account with access to more features like mobile landing pages and scanning reports. 

September 17, 2013

Microsoft Tag has been added to your options for code formats.  There are two options; Color and Black & White.  If your account is enabled with this format, you can find these new options from the Code Format drop down once you are ready to download your code.  This format will deliver the same experiences as a QR Code, however please be aware that the Tag format can only be scanned by the Microsoft Tag application.  This is widely available on Android, iOS, and WindowsPhone devices.  

Click here to read more about the Tag format and when to use it.

Note: This feature is only available on the New interface which was launched on July 18th, 2013 - see below for instructions on how to access.

Microsft Tag example

July 18, 2013

New ScanLife Design (Beta)

Note: This a limited release and not available to all users. We will be rolling out with more features in the coming weeks.

This is the release of the newly designed ScanLife platform! This version can be accessed by clicking on the New Look button at the top right of the platform. Please click the Feedback tab on the side of the page to enter comments and requests.

All of the primary pages have been updated with a more modern and easier to use design. Here are the highlights of changes by section, including features that are not yet in the new design in italics.

Just click this button which should be on the top right of your dashboard to try the new design.
Switch to the New Look


  • This is a new page which is dedicated to helping you choose the right mobile experience for your campaign. Mouse over each of the actions you have access to in order to see a sample preview of the experienceThe content creation page is focused on entering the content needed for that actionUse the breadcrumbs at the top of the page to easily move back to the Choose your Experience page
  • A few of the action types like mobile landing pages have not yet been updated with the new design, but they are completely functional


  • Choose the file format and code format you needMore easily grab the short ScanLife URL of the experience which can be used for other mobile triggers like NFC or mobile ads
  • The designer code feature which allows you to change the color of the QR Code and embed a logo will be added back soon


  • View all of your items and click on the names to editChoose Download or Delete from the Actions drop down. This can be used for a single item or a bulk action.Real time search shows you the results as you are typing
  • Various filters for admins to search by user name or folder will be returning soon.


  • Newly designed side menu allows you to look at different report typesDate picker on the home page can sort reports by a specific date range or a number of pre-made time periods
  • Various filters to search by code name or folder will be returning soon. In addition raw data downloads have been removed for future enhancement.


Click on your account name on the right hand side to view secondary items like settings, support and log out.You can return to the Classic version at any time and any new content you created will be visible there

The new version is compatible with all major PC browsers (IE8+) and tablet devices (reports are currently loaded using Flash).

January 9, 2013

Access to Short URLs

Every QR Code created on the platform contains a short URL which allows you to view analytics and change the code content.  We have now made it easy to use that URL to manage and track any of your mobile engagement activity.  For example, the URL can be attached to other “triggers” like NFC, augmented reality, image recognition, and even mobile banner ads.


Any mobile traffic will initiate the same mobile action as your QR Code, and the data will appear in the analytics dashboard. (Please test any new activity before going live.)


You can access the short URL on the code creation page below the image of the code (see red box below).  This can be seen once you create a code, or by clicking on the code name link from your list of existing codes.


Change to Encoding Method

A minor change was made to how the codes are generated.  We now use all lowercase encoding instead of uppercase.  This type of encoding is more widely recognized by the hundreds of apps that are now in the marketplace.  This change increases the density of the QR Code slightly, and therefore maintains our recommendation that your codes be no smaller than 0.75 in or 19mm.

Source of Scan added to Premium Web Code

The Premium web code can be used to receive various data on your scans in real time to deliver customized experiences.  We have now added “Source of Scan” to the list of parameters which will indicate how a user has launched your code.  That could include an actual scan or a launch from History or the Live Feed in the ScanLife apps.  This could allow you to show different content to the user that physically scanned the item, than if they launched it from somewhere else.  This information would only come from the ScanLife app.

September 25, 2012

Added iPad detection to the OS Code

The OS code is can detect the operating system of the user’s device scanning your code to deliver the appropriate content in real time.  This code is widely used to deliver app downloads, and now we have added a separate field for iPads for those developers that have apps for both iPad and iPhone/iTouch.

Menu Code Click Tracking (beta)

The Custom Menu Code is a mobile landing page builder available to certain ScanLife account levels.  It gives you a simple way to create a mobile landing page with a number of options including social networking (see Social Sharing from 8/3/12 release). 

Now we have released a new feature which allows you to view the number of clicks from these pages.  The Menu Code Tracking report will soon be available to select accounts that are currently using the Custom Menu Code.  Just go to the Reports tab, and click on the menu item at the lower left to download the CSV report.  This will show the total clicks from each of the items on your menu page so you know which items are getting interest.  You may select a specific time period and a unique report will be displayed for each Menu Code that you have.  If you change the Menu Title of an item, a new field will be added to the report, but if you just change the URL of where the item goes, it will remain as one line item.

Language Detection

The ScanLife platform processes a variety of metadata on every scan, and this can be used to deliver targeted and relevant content to your customers.  The latest innovation to our Smart Code system is language detection which allows you to publish the same code around the world to deliver unique content based on the user’s language setting on their device.  This is a great tool if you are running international campaigns, or even trying to reach multiple demographic groups in the same geography.  The icon to find this new code type looks like this:


Like the OS Detection Code, simply choose from the available languages and enter the URL that you want that user to see.  You can currently choose to create up to 5 different language experiences, and you must also choose a default language for those you do not have specific content for.

Code Printing Services

Select accounts in the United States will now see an option to print their QR Code on a variety of materials including business cards, banner signs, decals and more.  Once you create your code, you can go to the download page, and click on the Scanvertise banner to access the system.  If you do not see this banner, and would like to know about this service, please contact us at



A few notes on this service:

  1. Please remember to first download your ScanLife code.  Once you choose a template from the Scanvertise portal, you will be able to upload the ScanLife code from your computer and resize if needed.
  2. Please follow our standard publishing guidelines and test the codes before printing.  For printing purposes, we typically suggest a large BMP or EPS image.
  3. ScanLife is not responsible for any support issues related to the printing of their codes by any service, including Scanvertise.  All support or product related questions should be directed to


Code Creation/Editing UI

Minor adjustments were made to the code creation and editing pages to improve usability.  This includes:

  1. Ability to change the code type from the top of the page.  Simply click the “Change” link next to the code action type to view other options.  This allows you to change the action of the code at any time (note that these edits will be live once you save the code).
  2. Ability to change the folder of where your code is located.  By default all codes go into a single folder and no other settings are required.  You can add new folders for organizational purposes from the main code dashboard page on the left hand side.  Once you create new folders you can move codes by clicking on the Change link next to the Folder name.


August 3, 2012

Social Sharing from Custom Menu Code

The Custom Menu Code is a mobile landing page builder available to certain ScanLife account levels.  It gives you a simple way to create a mobile landing page and now includes an easy way for your users to share this content on their social networks.

When creating your page, simply enable the Social Sharing to “ON” to display a graphic at the bottom of the page.  This will allow your customers to share any message you choose via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Email.  The message shared will be the URL of the landing page you created by default, but you may change it any time from the text box.  Existing users of the Menu Code will need to enable this feature if you want to display it on existing codes.

In addition to this new feature, we have moved the pre-existing social actions for Facebook Like and Twitter Follow to the top of the page.  This will make it easier for people to understand the difference between the two actions – one for following and the other for sharing.


Updated Designer Code Messaging & Flow

In February we released a brand new feature for business accounts which allows you to customize the look of your QR Code.  Thanks to all of your feedback, we have made some improvements to the messaging flow and functionality of this feature.

  1. You can now upload CMYK vector files of logos or other images into a CMYK QR Code
  2. You can now upload an image into the code and then change the color (or vice versa)
  3. We changed the messaging on codes that we detect as potentially unreadable.  While these codes did not de-code via our QRcheck technology, it is possible they will still work for most Smartphone devices.  We will simply warn you that there may be an issue and suggest that you choose a darker color, or print the code and try scanning it with a variety of devices.

Branded Contact Codes for 3rd Party Apps

We added the ability for customers to place a logo at the top of their Contact Codes to create a more branded experience for non-ScanLife apps.  This will create a fully branded contact listing if you have a number of employees that require their own Contact Codes for business cards, or if you would like to sell branded Contact Codes to your customers.  Please contact us if you would like more information on this service.

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