Analytics Engine

ScanLife makes it simple to launch, manage and track your mobile consumer's experiences from one powerful system.

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Mobile Engagement Platform

Detailed metrics, monitoring, and data collection are vital to successful campaign targeting and business intelligence. With ScanLife you can view data from every scan in our user-friendly charting dashboard or download the raw data files. This gives you valuable data on how your audience is engaging.

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ScanLife Analytics Platform

Sophisticated Consumer Analytics

ScanLife is a Mobile Engagement Platform that lets you collect and analyze from every scan the tracking data needed for effective campaign targeting.

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Viewable Metrics

What was scanned?

  • Code name
  • Top codes scanned
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    Who scanned it?

    • Number of unique users
    • Age (with ScanLife app scans only)
    • Gender (with ScanLife app scans only)
    • Handset operating system
    • Handset model
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      When was it scanned?

      • Time stamp
      • Date
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        Where was it scanned?

        • Country of origin
        • Heat maps via latitude & longitude (available >50% of the time)
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          Rapid Campaign Reporting

          ScanLife provides a powerful, yet user friendly report charting dashboard to make the mobile bar code collection data especially useful for the campaign managers.

          Enterprise customers can also access the data via REST APIs to integrate with other BI systems. This can deliver all of the data to a centralized system where your other assets may already be tracked. View our developer tools for more information.  Analyze the scanning results. This dashboard allows you to easily understand the charts and print reports.

          Data insights reporting is critical in delivering valuable information not only about your mobile engagement campaigns, but also about how people view your brand every day. Data can be analyzed to view the path to purchase starting from a simple magazine ad that launches a demo video and going all the way to opening a package to redeem an offer. This is data never before available in traditional media marketing.