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ScanLife for iPhone

ScanLife for iPhone Banner

ScanLife | Scan any Code

Scan any code.

With ScanLife, you get a barcode scanner for your iPhone that goes beyond reading UPC codes. It also reads QR codes, EZ codes and data matrix codes with ease.
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ScanLife | Share Your Scans

Share your scans.

Seamless social integration means you can share anything you’ve scanned with your friends, family and co-workers instantly.
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ScanLife | Customize Your Experience

Customize your experience.

Great looking skins and themes allow you to make QR code scanning and barcode reading as fun as you are.
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ScanLife | Share with QRcard

Share with QRcard™.

This app doesn’t just scan codes, it makes them too! Create your very own QR Code that links to your contact details so you can share it with others in a flash. It’s what we call a QRcard, and it’s free!
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