Scanbuy Introduces Advanced Analytics Platform to Measure Mobile Engagement for Brands

November 7, 2013

mVision Insights Offers Marketers Actionable Data from Mobile Engagement Campaigns Involving QR Codes, NFC, Microsoft Tag and Other Triggers

Scanbuy, the world’s leading mobile engagement solutions provider, today announced a new advanced analytics product called mVision Insights that offers brands unprecedented views into the behavior of mobile consumers to help marketers evaluate how effectively campaigns are generating engagement and loyalty.

The mVision Insights tool on the ScanLife Mobile Engagement Platform can process over 25 different data points on almost every transaction – over 8 million times a month – to offer a completely new level of customer intelligence to marketers utilizing mobile engagement triggers such as QR Codes, NFC and Microsoft Tag in their campaigns.

Marketers can now go beyond simply seeing the number of clicks or scans to truly understanding what is generating interest and impact.  mVision Insights enables marketers to:

·         See how many users are being retained across traditional media activity from print ads to in-store displays

·         View exactly when new material is hitting the market for the first time

·         Discover the cities that are seeing higher engagement or scans per user 

·         Compare performance across previous or current campaigns to measure effectiveness

·         View how traditional media is being shared via mobile social media channels like Facebook and Twitter

Presented in attractive, easy-to-digest reports and charts, marketers can use this new information to deliver more effective mobile experiences instantaneously and make adjustments immediately for optimum impact.

“Many marketers are not seeing the tracking data that they expect on physical-to-mobile campaigns which is really a lost opportunity to better understand how people are engaging with QR Codes and other mobile triggers,” said Mike Wehrs, CEO and president, Scanbuy.

“mVision Insights from ScanLife is by far the most advanced tool on the market when it comes to tracking mobile engagement, allowing marketers to make decisions on how they can enhance their campaigns, such as reallocating resources to a geographic area or a demographic that is working well,” Wehrs said. “Brands are uncovering entirely new data they never had before around real-time customer behavior with their most important assets.”

mVision Insights is currently being offered to any user of the ScanLife Mobile Engagement Platform. For more information, visit