mVision Insights

The mVision Insights tool from ScanLife gives you unique access to your marketing engagement activity like never before. We already offer best in class QR Code analytics, but now we are taking it further to give you intelligence that can help you understand so much about your integrated marketing plan.

Go beyond the scan to uncover what is generating engagement & loyalty

Discover how many people are interacting with your print media, in-store displays, and even your packaging - in real time so you know exactly when and where your plan is being executed. Learn which of your campaigns was most effective against your core demographic, or uncover an untapped audience. More flexibility will make it easier to take action!

More Reports

Get access to 20+ beautiful charts that can help you get immediate insights with minimal work. We'll help you understand the impact of your campaigns in minutes, and then you can drill down to go even deeper.

QR Code distribution chart

QR Codes by age and gender

Compare Campaigns

Want to see how your Winter print campaign compared to your Spring direct mail campaign? Look at activity across your campaigns to see messaging and media effectiveness in one glance.

User Retention

Go beyond the scan, and see the distribution of new vs. returning users to your campaigns. Then see which what kind of demographics are more likely to be more loyal customers to help you target that audience with CRM activity.

Go Deeper

Drill down on specific areas to understand impact in specific cities, demographics day parts and more. You may get the most scans in New York City, but did you know that people in Phoenix are more likely to engage more than once?

More Demographics

Uncover insights to help you better target your media. Learn that your female audience is over indexing in the 18-24 age group, or that you are seeing a high percentage of native Spanish speakers.

More Flexibilty

Our new reporting system makes it easy for you to get the data you need to take action and optimize your marketing campaigns

  • Get automated weekly or daily emails with key stats
  • Easily download a PDF of your dashboard to share with your team members
  • Download raw data to analyze even further

And even more on the way...

  • Get industry insights that help you benchmark your results
  • Understand more about your users based on aggregated activity
  • Set up conversion goals and understand post-scan behavior