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Behavior-driven mobile marketing that drives results

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Searching for interested customers can be like looking for an expensive needle in a monumental haystack. With ScanLife’s mTargeting those costly time-consuming marketing approaches are a thing of the past. mTargeting is the simple solution that organizes millions of customers into neat groups with common interests so you can target just the right person at exactly the right time. Deliver personalized messages such as coupons offers discounts and push notifications to opted-in users who have the highest propensity to engage.

How a Brand Wins

  • Target the right consumers at just the right time.
  • Messages are always relevant and welcome
  • Gain in-depth consumer insight
  • Maximize supply-demand opportunity


Here's how Consumer mTargeting Works

ScanLife mTargeting

Advertisers can take advantage of ScanLife's registered user base to hyper-target by behavior history as well as directly expressed interest categories:

  • Health and Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle and Home
  • Automotive
  • Entertainment at Home
  • Finance and Banking
  • Sports
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Food and Drink
  • Education and Services
  • Going Out
  • Technology and Gadgets

Deliver messages to millions of global consumers.
Behavior. Interest. 

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