Intellectual Property Protection

You Are Protected with Scanbuy.

Scanbuy is one of only a handful of companies that owns and has licenses to patents that can shield our customers from “patent trolls” that plague the QR Code marketplace.  Scanbuy’s own substantial patent position and our in-force licenses help protect our ScanLife customers from the increasing number of lawsuits and threats of lawsuits damaging the industry today.  

When Scanbuy customers are threatened they often can simply reply, “We use Scanbuy exclusively and they are licensed so GO AWAY!” If your company is using any 2D barcode technology in your business and aren’t using Scanbuy, your company is very likely going to receive one of these threatening letters and  face the very real possibility of being sued. The costs of defending your company from these trolls that have no business and nothing to lose can mount up quickly to the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Don’t become another victim of patent troll tactics, sign up with Scanbuy and get the best technology, the most robust solution and the security of our patent portfolio.

How Scanbuy is helping.

Since 2000, Scanbuy’s extensive and growing intellectual property portfolio and the sophisticated ScanLife platform provide our customers with peace of mind that their campaigns and all other uses of QR Codes across their businesses will be protected and they will enjoy a smooth user experience they can depend on. Scanbuy customers and partners enjoy security in the mobile technology field both today and into the future. Stemming from an ever-growing intellectual property portfolio they can rely upon, Scanbuy’s patent portfolio and patent licenses covers the entire end-to-end solution for our customers so that they can focus on growing their business and not on the litany of patent trolls who contribute little but unfairly target productivity for a quick settlement.

Scanbuy Patent Lists:

More News Against Patent Trolls:

Please contact us today to learn how Scanbuy can help leverage its intellectual property portfolio to your benefit.

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