CompeloAugust 7, 2018 – Gladson introduces SmartLabel product data transparency solution
US-based Gladson introduced new solution, dubbed SmartLabel, to help brands and retailers address consumer demand for product transparency. As part of its approach, Gladson has partnered with Scanbuy, a provider of SmartLabel QR codes, to provide Gladson clients with access to a complete end-to-end SmartLabel solution.

PSFKJune 13, 2018 – SmartLabel Gives Consumers Easy Access To Food Product Details
SmartLabel is the new quick-and-easy way to find out everything you need to know about the food you’re buying. With the use of SmartLabel and the simple mobile scan of a QR code, consumers can find out what allergens the product contains, its environmental impact, production methods, animal welfare and more.

Food Ingredients FirstJune 13, 2018 – Survey says consumers want more details on grocery packaging: Is SmartLabel the answer?
More than 7 in 10 shoppers want to find out more about the grocery products they buy than they are currently able to get with traditional on-package labels, according to a new national survey. Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and Food Marketing Institute (FMI) have launched a joint marketing campaign for the SmartLabel program.

The Shelby ReportJune 12, 2018 – Survey: Shoppers Want More Information Than Product Labels Provide
More than seven in 10 shoppers want to find out more about the grocery products they buy than they are currently able to get with traditional on-package labels. These survey findings underscore the importance of SmartLabel, a new digital tool that gives consumers access to detailed information about the products they use and consume. Nearly 28,000 food, beverage, personal care, household and other products throughout food retail stores now are using SmartLabel.

Baking BusinessMarch 27, 2018 – Transparency a top theme at Future Food-Tech conference
While many emerging innovations may transform the future of food, such technologies must be communicated to consumers early and often.

Food DiveFebruary 26, 2018 – Study: One-third of young adults frequently check Nutrition Facts panel
Some experts claim that putting all the information consumers say they want on product labels would make them impossibly cluttered. That's one reason why manufacturers and trade groups have advocated for electronic methods of conveying nutrition information via QR codes, smart phones and online searches.

Modern Wellness GuideDecember 31, 2017 – Why Food Date Labelling Has an Important Role to Play in Cutting Food Waste
Food waste is a huge problem facing the world right now. What can the industry to tackle the issue?

Rachel Ray ShowNovember 10, 2017 – These 2 Genius Apps Will Help You Save Money While Christmas Shopping
'Tis the season of giving! But if you don't watch yourself, you might find yourself giving a little too much.

Okanagan Specialty FruitsNovember 9, 2017 – Arctic® Goldens feature SmartLabel™ QR code
One of the most difficult decisions our team at Okanagan Specialty Fruits™ has had to make when introducing Arctic® apples into the market has been “how can we best communicate with consumers about the science and benefits behind our nonbrowning apples?”

Global Retail BrandsNovember 9, 2017 – How to Fully Optimize the SmartLabel™ Opportunity
SmartLabel™ is a first of its kind product transparency initiative that enables consumers to get easy and instantaneous access to detailed information about the products they consume.

Packaging NewsNovember 6, 2017 – Kezzler talks IoP at AIPIA Congress
Earlier this week Kezzler announced a partnership with Scanbuy that will enhance SmartLabel implementations using a single QR code for both consumer engagement and logistical support.

Dairy ReporterOctober 31, 2017 – Scanbuy and Kezzler to bring Internet of Packaging to SmartLabel
Scanbuy and Kezzler have partnered to bring the Internet of Packaging (IoP) to SmartLabel.

Center for Science in the Public InterestSeptember 25, 2017 – The ABCs of GMO Disclosure in the United States
The Disclosure Law establishes a national mandatory disclosure system and preempts all state GMO labeling laws. Under the Disclosure Law, a food manufacturer can choose among different options to disclose the presence of foods or ingredients from GE crops.

Environmental Working Group (EWG)September 22, 2017 – From Hair Care to Hamburgers, Companies Get On Board the Transparency Train
Americans want and have a right to know what's in the stuff they buy. Manufacturers and marketers are finally joining the unstoppable movement for product transparency.

Food DiveSeptember 18, 2017 – GMA: SmartLabel Usage Is On Track And Growing
SmartLabel is gradually gaining consumer acceptance, and information is now available on about 14,000 different food products via QR codes.

Food Business NewsSeptember 11, 2017 – SmartLabel Quickly Heading Toward Critical Mass
Following a sevenfold increase in the number of consumer products incorporating the SmartLabel system developed by the consumer packaged goods industry, the system is on track for ambitious roll-out targets.

Drug Store NewsJuly 28, 2017 – Study: Consumer Demand For Personal Care Ingredient Information Is On The Rise
American women tend to pay more for products with recognizable ingredients as opposed to products that fail to clearly define what they contain.

Food Navigator-USAApril 27, 2017 – SmartLabel Gains Traction As A Tool For Brands To Meet Consumers’ Mounting Clean Label Demands
While SmartLabel is still in its relative infancy, manufacturers are flocking to the technology to help them provide the in-depth information that today’s consumers want as part of the clean label movement.

The Shelby ReportFebruary 16, 2017 – Mondelēz International Launches One Of The First Sponsored SmartLabel Apps
Mondelēz International has launched one of the first sponsored SmartLabel apps, making in-store, on-the-spot access to detailed product information for many of its U.S. snacking products possible from smartphones

Tom's GuideDecember 6, 2016 – 7 Ways To Tell A Tech Deal From A Dud
You've found a sale on a gadget that you've been eyeing for weeks, but is it really a good deal? What one retailer touts as a sale price could be higher than the regular price at another store.

PC MagNovember 23, 2016 – The Best Shopping Apps To Compare Prices
These services let you know if the item before you is a deal or no deal before you make a costly mistake. When standing before a shelf of rapidly selling must-have gifts, there's no need to phone a friend frantically to make sure you're getting the lowest price possible; your phone can tell you.

CNETNovember 21, 2016 – Avoid Bad ‘Deals’ On Black Friday And Beyond: How To Video
Don't be fooled by the flashy ads and "doorbuster" deals, here are four things you should look for before you pull the trigger on a purchase.

New Hope NetworkSeptember 8, 2016 – Q&A With GMA: What Retailers And Brands Need To Know About SmartLabel
At the end of 2015, the Grocery Manufacturers Association, a trade group for food and beverage manufacturers, announced the launch of SmartLabel. This new labeling technology enables consumers to get additional details about products via a special landing page they reach by scanning a QR code with their phone or doing an online search.

Ramon Anibal Ramos- YouTubeMarch 22, 2016 – La NSA Presenta Scanbuy
La Asociacion Nacional de Supermercados celebró una rueda de prensa en la que presentaron nueva manera de comprar con los cupones de alimentos. Vean quienes estuvieron presentes en el debut en NY de "Scanbuy".

Mobile Marketing WatchMarch 21, 2016 – NSA, Scanbuy Team Up For Innovative Mobile Couponing Service
MMW has learned that the National Supermarket Association (NSA) has teamed with Scanbuy to launch what’s called dCoupon. The mobile couponing service gives manufacturers the ability to create redeemable digital coupons for a whole new audience—the 2 million NSA urban supermarket consumers.

Leonel FernándezMarch 20, 2016 – Leonel Fernández Participa En New York En Lanzamiento De Plataforma Para Servicio De Cupones Móviles
El expresidente de la República Dominicana, doctor Leonel Fernández, participó como invitado especial en el lanzamiento de “dCoupon”, un novedoso servicio de cupones móviles por parte de la Asociación Nacional de Supermercados (NSA), en esta ciudad de Nueva York.

Listin DiarioMarch 19, 2016 – LF Participa En Acto De Comerciantes NY
El expresidente Leonel Fernández participó como invitado especial en el lanzamiento de “dCoupon”, un novedoso servicio de cupones móviles de la Asociación Nacional de Supermercados (NSA) en esta ciudad de Nueva York.

MediaPostMarch 16, 2016 – Mobile Brings Deals, Shorter Lines, Better Prices (To Those Who Know)
Using mobile devices throughout the course of the day gives consumers a distinct edge, if they take advantage of it.

MediaPostMarch 6, 2016 – Beacons Man Up For The Internet Of Things
Scanbuy, maker of Scanlife, still one of my favorite in-store code scanning apps, partnered with beacon-networking company InMarket to add beacon proximity advertising capability to its product line.

RetailingTodayFebruary 26, 2016 – SmartLabel: Bringing The Future Of Shopping To Consumers
Today’s consumer is asking more and more about the food, beverage and consumer products they buy, use and consume. They want to know what is in the product, how to use it and what is in its packaging.

ZD NetFebruary 13, 2016 – How The Quiet Rise Of Beacons Has Reshaped Retail Marketing
Over the last four years, there's been a technological uprising in the staid world of coupons.

KENS5February 11, 2016 – App Scans Bar Codes To Compare Prices
An app can help you save money on products by scanning in the bar code. For example, the ScanLife app shows a can of hairspray can cost around $5 at one store, but around $3 at another.

Mobile Marketing Association FranceFebruary 1, 2016 – POS Mobile Interaction System Guide
Despite the explosion of e-commerce, the physical outlet remains a privileged place by consumers in their buying journey: 92 % of retail turnover is made in point sales and 70 % of online visits convert into store visits.

PRNewswireFebruary 1, 2016 – Location-Based Search And Advertising Market In The US (2016-2020) - Key Vendors Are Foursquare, xAD, Groupon, Scanbuy & Shopkick
Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Location-based Search and Advertising Market in the US 2016-2020" report to their offering. The location-based search and advertising market in the U.S. is set to grow at a CAGR of 38.59% during the period 2016-2020.

Stores NRF MagazineFebruary 1, 2016 – Code Blue? Maybe Not
Fueled by a climate of ever-advancing technologies, the hottest digital innovations can be here today and gone tomorrow. But sometimes instead of going away, a digital innovation morphs into something else. That seems to be what is occurring with QR codes.

ITespresso FranceJanuary 29, 2016 – Mobile Marketing: Challenges For Digitizing The Point Of Sale?
The Mobile Marketing Association France, which has set itself the mission to accelerate the transformation and innovation of marketing through mobile, relied, for the development of this guide on the expertise of its members, as Admoove, ADSP, Atsuke, Fidzup, Scanbuy and Snapp'.

The American GeniusJanuary 23, 2016 – Rite Aid Becomes Largest Beacon Installer To Date
Rite Aid has recently become the largest beacon installer to date; a pretty impressive feat given the record was previously held by Macy’s. Rite Aid partnered with inMarket, a mobile shopper marketing firm, which also manufacturers their own securitized Bluetooth beacons for iOS and Android to assist in their beacon launch.

Legal NewslineJanuary 19, 2016 – GMA: ‘More Than 30 Leading U.S. Companies’ Already Committed To New SmartLabel™ Initiative
The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) has announced new technology that will provide consumers with a tool aimed at helping them make well-informed decisions about products and help manufacturers disclose product information directly to consumers.

Structural GraphicsJanuary 13, 2016 – Death of QR Codes Is Greatly Exaggerated
If you’ve “moved on” from QR Codes, you’re abandoning a critical tool for building your business. Let’s look at three facts about QR Codes that every marketer should know.

Food Business NewsDecember 3, 2015 – G.M.A.’s SmartLabel Initiative Seeks To Enhance Transparency
The Grocery Manufacturers Association unveiled its SmartLabel platform on Dec. 2 that will provide consumers with access to information about what is in the products they buy. The platform will include web sites, apps, QR codes and other elements to make product research easier for consumers.

The HillDecember 2, 2015 – Grocers Launch GMO Labeling Initiative
GMA said more than 30 companies have already agreed to participate in the SmartLabel initiative, which will allow consumers to find detailed product information by scanning a QR code on a food package, using a web search such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, or visiting the company’s website.

Food ProcessingDecember 2, 2015 – Grocery Manufacturers Reveal SmartLabel QR Code
The Grocery Manufacturers Assn. (GMA) today (Dec. 2) unveiled SmartLabel, a QR code that can give consumers detailed information about the grocery store products they buy … including, presumably, the presence of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Food Navigator USADecember 2, 2015 – 80% Of Packaged Groceries Will Feature SmartLabel Within Five Years, Predicts GMA
Within five years, four out of five food, beverage, pet care, personal care and household products will feature a SmartLabel – a QR code shoppers can scan with their phones instore, or access later via a tablet or desktop computer – the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) has predicted

FoodDIVEDecember 2, 2015 – GMA SmartLabel Initiative Estimated To Reach 30,000 Products By Late 2017
The intiative extends beyond food and beverage products, including pet care, personal care, and household items. It's estimated that more than 80% of these products will have SmartLabel within five years.

FortuneDecember 2, 2015 – Food Giants Announce New Labeling Initiative
Some of the largest food manufacturers and grocers announced today an initiative to provide consumers with “instantaneous access” to detailed information on thousands of products through their smart phones.

Boston HeraldNovember 27, 2015 – Shopping Apps Offer An Edge
Now that the holiday shopping season has officially kicked off, arm yourself with the best iOS and Android apps to compare prices, find deals and get great ideas.

WTNH-TVNovember 25, 2015 – 8 Free Shopping Apps To Ease Holiday Stress
Thanksgiving can be stressful — and we’re not just talking about having all of your family over, we’re talking about shopping. Fortunately, there are some new, and free apps that can help.

Huffington Post November 24, 2015 – How To Get The Best Deals On Tech This Holiday Season
When you make your way into a store, make sure your phone is armed with a barcode and QR code scanner app like ScanLife.

WACHNovember 24, 2015 – Use This Checklist To Save Money On Black Friday
People need to take advantage of the apps that are available on their cell phones. Plenty of money saving apps like ShopAdvisor, BuyVia, Amazon, and ScanLife can help with shopping.

Orlando SentinelNovember 20, 2015 – Black Friday Deals And Shopping Strategy
Many retailers have already launched their Black Friday deals in store and online with new items being added as often as every five minutes. There don’t seem to be as many “free gifts” this year as in years past, but savvy shoppers can still get great deals if they plan ahead.

Confectionery NewsNovember 16, 2015 – Transparency Drive: Hershey First To Adopt GMA’s QR SmartLabel
Hershey will be the first company to adopt the Grocery Manufacturers Association's (GMA) SmartLabel program, which allows shoppers to scan on-product QR codes for detailed nutritional information.

International Business TimesNovember 12, 2015 – Hershey Announces It Will Offer Healthier Kisses This Holiday: Report
Holiday Hershey’s Kisses packages are expected to debut the SmartLabel, which is a new mobile tool consumers can use to scan a QR code in order to instantly access detailed product information, including ingredients, nutrition facts and allergens.

MediaPostNovember 11, 2015 – Mobile Holiday Shopping: 60% To Find A Store, 55% Compare Prices, 46% Read Reviews
Price matching also will be significant this holiday season, with half (51%) of consumers planning to take advantage of it. While mobile price matching using various apps like ShopSavvy, ScanLife or RedLaser can be very quick from a consumer standpoint, not all retailers that agree to match prices make it easy.

Sustainable BrandsNovember 3, 2015 – Hershey Giving Chocolate Lovers More Visibility Into Their Food with SmartLabel
SmartLabel was created to meet the public’s desire for more information about the products they use and consume, and Hershey is the first brand to adopt it.

CloudWedgeOctober 21, 2015 – Scanbuy Uses Cloud To Help Consumers Clip Coupons
With Scanbuy, consumers get coupons delivered to them using the cloud. By allowing the consumer to redeem the coupon using their mobile device, Scanbuy has created a product that is a win-win for both businesses and consumers alike.

Business WireOctober 20, 2015 – Scanbuy To Add Digimarc Barcode Detection To ScanLife Mobile App
Digimarc Corporation has announced that Scanbuy, Inc., a provider of mobile relationship management solutions, will add Digimarc Barcode detection to the ScanLife mobile app.

Retailing TodayOctober 13, 2015 – How Brands Can Win With Mobile
The ability to point or wave a mobile device in the proximity of a product and access the collective knowledge of the universe is becoming the norm for consumers. Faced with satisfying such mind-bending expectations, brands and retailers are scrambling for solutions.

MediaPostSeptember 02, 2015 – In-Store, Mobile Price Checking Hits A Wall
Mobile shoppers looking for an in-store deal can easily whip out their smartphone, scan a product barcode to find the best price and then get the retailer to match that price.

TechRepublicAugust 12, 2015 – Five Easy-To-Use Apps For Comparison Shopping
Let's take a look at five great apps that can streamline your shopping chores and help you save money.

Total TelecomJuly 31, 2015 – Vodafone UK Tests QR Code Top-Ups
Operator gives 2D barcodes a shot in the arm by deploying them in retail outlets.

DABCCJuly 20, 2015 – Mobile Apps: The Miniaturization Of Big Data
Scanbuy's Scanlife App is used by over 6 million people to get product and pricing information from QR codes, UPC codes and other real-world printed packaging.

QR Code PressJune 10, 2015 – QR codes Are Scanned Most By Apple Mobile Devices
There have been a lot of conflicting headlines over the last while as to whether or not the time of QR codes has passed and if there is any chance that these 2D barcodes could bring themselves to a place of relevance in the future.

MediaPostJune 1, 2015 – QR Code Scans: Apple Devices 54%, Android 43%
I happened across the latest quarterly Mobile Trend Report by ScanLife, one of the very early QR code pioneers, and it has some interesting insights and scanning tidbits.

SmartBlogsFebruary 25, 2015 – Price Matching: Mobile Apps Make It Easier To Find Food Bargains
Third-party mobile applications such as the ScanLife app from ScanBuy lets users find product information by scanning UPC and QR codes.

Android HeadlinesFebruary 19, 2015 – Featured: Top 10 Barcode And QR Scanner Apps For Android
Barcodes are on the back of pretty much every pack of food, every toy, every bottle of drink or whatever it is you buy, which makes scanning them relatively easy. The same goes for QR codes; they’re all over the place these days.

MediaPostDecember 31, 2014 – Beaconing & The World Of Mobile Commerce
As the year draws to a close, looking at what interested you the most in the world of mobile commerce this year comes down to one word: beacons.

MediaPostDecember 29, 2014 – Amazon Holiday Shopping By Mobile Nears 60%
Amazon had a big mobile holiday shopping season. Releasing a detailed tally of post-holiday shopping stats, Amazon said the majority, as in nearly 60% of all customers, shopped using a mobile device.

USA TODAYDecember 17, 2014 – Antonoff: Desktop-To-Mobile Shift Alters Shopping
All indications are that 2014 is shaping up to be the first holiday season in which more online shoppers are using their smartphones and tablets to research and buy gifts than using a home or office computer.

WhatTheyThinkDecember 4, 2014 – Ho, Ho, Ho… Mobile Barcodes On The Go!
The expansion of digital media consumption has left marketers with a plethora of options for reaching consumers this holiday season.

UNTETHER.tvDecember 3, 2014 – What And Why We Scan
Now that the hype around scanning QR and UPC codes has fallen from the mainstream media it is time to take a closer look at the reasons and impact behind each scan done today.

Mobile Marketer December 2, 2014 – Karo Syrup, Fisher Nuts leverage QR codes for holiday cross-promotion
Karo Syrup and Fisher Nuts are teaming up for the third consecutive year for a strategic marketing partnership with plans to leverage QR codes to raise brand awareness and entice holiday shoppers.

Media Post November 21, 2014 – A Tarp & A Snowbrush: Tapping the In-Store, Product Locators
It has taken quite some time, but some large-scale and usable mobile implementations at retail are starting to be deployed.

WRCBNovember 16, 2014 – Shop smart with free Black Friday apps
For Black Friday shoppers who want to avoid long lines to grab great deals can download new apps that will let them shop for bargains from the comfort of their home.

Android Headlines October 16, 2014 – Featured: Top 10 Barcode and QR Code Android Apps
Whether you’re looking to simply be able to scan QR codes you keep on seeing around or to compare prices on barcodes during your shopping, our Top 10 list of QR code and Barcode apps for Android should have something for you.

QR Code Press October 10, 2014 – QR Code Detective: Are you using the best scanner?
The mighty QR code can be found on everything from a can of peas at your local supermarket to an ad found in an in flight magazine on your way to the exotic vacation of a lifetime, and while they are designed to be quick and easy to use, your experience partly depends on your having selected the right scanner app.

mCommerce Daily October 10, 2014 – Top Items Scanned: Food & Beverage, Electronics, Clothing
Scanbuy’s survey of 15,000 of its users globally found that the information desired most (75%) related to receiving product discounts and coupons, followed by new product information.

Fierce Mobile RetailOctober 7, 2014 – QR Codes are Helping Retailers Target Engaged Shoppers
They may not be begging for your attention anymore, but QR codes are still around, and some retailers are finding new ways to take advantage of them.

Mobile MarketerOctober 6, 2014 – Sephora, Walmart Turn QR Code Scans Into Targeted Mobile Messaging
These marketers have been testing a new offering in the Scanbuy mobile application since late June and experiencing, on average, open rates of 8 percent.

AdotasSeptember 30, 2014 – ScanLife Consumer Behavior Survey Reveals More Than 50% Of Consumers Use Mobile Coupon Apps Per Month
After a survey of over 15,000 mobile users of its ScanLife App, mobile engagement solutions company Scanbuy reported that more than half of its respondents (51%) said they use mobile.

EContent MagazineSeptember 22, 2014 – The Technology of Contextualized Content: What’s Next on the Horizon?
The future of contextualized advertising will be defined, in large part, by the increasing ability to personalize messages based on the various data inputs available to marketers, says Nesamoney.

Bargain BabeSeptember 19, 2014 – ScanLife App: Save Before You Spend
This new app, available for both iOS and Android devices, takes the work out of finding the best price by finding the best deals for you. Sound too good to be true? Find out how ScanLife helped me save $20 on one purchase!

Thrifty Nifty MommyAugust 24, 2014 – ScanLife {Making saving money while shopping a snap!}
ScanLife, the world’s most popular scanning app with over 80 million downloads on iOS and Android devices, is changing the way that users shop.

Bargains with BrittanieAugust 19, 2014 – Get Great Deals and Earn Rewards with ScanLife!
If you like getting a great deal on everything you purchase chances are you have a scanning app on your mobile device. Now think about what you would do if you could have a scanning app that allows you to earn rewards just for using it! ScanLife is that app!

6ABCJuly 28, 2014 – Saving with 6ABC: Scan Codes to Save Money
Just about every product you buy has a UPC bar code on it. And you can use that code and your phone to save money, thanks to an app called "ScanLife."

Untether.TVJuly 24, 2014 – Can QR Codes be smarter?
In this episode Chuck explains what the ScanLife platform does to amplify the simple QR code by providing tremendous value to the consumer.

Bank of America - Small Business CommunityJuly 14, 2014 – Mobile Marketing: How to sell to your customers on the go
Americans have always been a people on the move. The frontier may be more settled today, but consumers are still in motion—and mobile devices are becoming more integrated into their daily lives.

AndroidTappJuly 10, 2014 – ScanLife Barcode & QR Reader – a shopping companion
ScanLife Barcode & QR Reader allows you to scan any product with your phone and get pricing, reviews, stores nearby or online plus a wealth of rewards to unlock and earn.

Yahoo! FinanceJuly 9, 2014 – ScanLife Mobile App Now Offers Personalized Digital Deals
Scanbuy, the world’s leading mobile engagement solutions provider, today announced a major upgrade to its popular ScanLife app for Android and iOS devices, giving consumers the opportunity to receive personalized deals and promotions as well as rewards based on their scanning activity via the app’s recommendation engine.

The Small ThingsJuly 9, 2014 – ScanLife – Receive Incentives, Coupons & More!
I recently came across an app that is pretty awesome I must say! It is not your typical QR Scanning app, in fact ScanLife, available in the Google Play, Apple Stores, Windows & Blackberry offers you personalized digital deals.

Inside Mobile AppsJuly 9, 2014 – ScanLife updated with personalized deals and shopping recommendations
Mobile engagement solutions company Scanbuy has today announced a major update to its ScanLife app on Android and iOS. The original app allows users to scan QR codes, barcodes and UPC codes on products to receive price details and other information.

MacNNJuly 3, 2014 – Review: Epson LW-600P
Label makers are traditionally simple machines that perform a single task which people feel they can either live with or without. In many ways the LW-600P fits perfectly into this niche, however, the integration of Bluetooth connectivity and a powerful label creating design app allows the printer to stand out from its competition.

Shopper Marketing MagazineJune 2014 – A Roundup of Social, Local and Mobile Marketing Activity at Retail
The ScanLife mobile app from New York-based Scanbuy teamed up with mobile loyalty platform Session M, Boston.

Mobile Commerce News June 3, 2014 – QR Codes are Being Scanned 20 Percent More, Says Scanbuy
Despite the fact that it seems as though QR codes aren’t generating the media hype that they once did in terms of marketing headline news, consumers are now paying attention to them a great deal more than they ever have.

SoCal City KidsMay 28, 2014 – ScanLife Mobile App Joins SessionM’s Mobile Loyalty Network
Scanbuy introduces new program that rewards ScanLife App users for engaging with products, earning ‘Mobile Points’ redeemable for gift cards.

The Barcode NewsMay 22, 2014 – Scanbuy Processed Nearly 22 Million Mobile Engagements in Q1 2014
Latest Scanbuy trend report reveals value shopping and app downloads among top factors driving growth of QR and UPC Barcode engagements by mobile users.

Inside Mobile AppsApril 9, 2014 – SessionM Brings Mobile Rewards Program to ScanLife
Mobile loyalty rewards program SessionM has announced its partnership with Scanbuy to bring SessionM’s “mPOINTS” rewards currency to the popular iOS and Android scanning app ScanLife.

Mobile Marketing WatchMarch 28, 2014 – QR Codes Finally Getting the Respect they Deserve
It can easily be argued that QR codes have gotten a bad reputation, but not because they couldn't be easily read and engaged using practically any smartphone but more because of what happened after they were scanned.

BusinessNewsDailyMarch 27, 2014 – 10 Mobile Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses
If you haven't tried mobile marketing, now is the time. Mobile marketing lets businesses get in front of customers on the devices they use the most: their smartphones and tablets. To help you get started, here are 10 mobile marketing solutions that are both accessible and affordable to small businesses.

RFID InsiderMarch 21, 2014 – Play Ball: Tracking Sports Memorabilia With RFID
With sports personalities’ signatures drawing a considerable penny, it’s obvious that signed baseball and football trading cards, as well as the balls themselves, would want to be as protected as possible from theft.

SmartBriefMarch 21, 2014 – QR Codes come into their own with customized experiences
New technology is allowing marketers to take better advantage of QR codes, offering mobile users who scan them a more engaging experience that can include video and be customized to the user. "Someone used to be able to create a code, but it just linked to a website. Now it starts with what do you want to do, not what code do you want," said Mike Wehrs, CEO of Scanbuy, which has released a platform to improve the QR-code experience.