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ScanLife will download to your mobile device giving you instant access to the world’s most versatile and integrated barcode scanner app.

Enjoy the most universal, multi-functional QR Code and barcode reader on the market, connecting you to a wealth of relevant information. 

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We know you’re not one to settle, so make sure you’re scanning with the best of them. Even if you already have a QR code reader or barcode scanner app, you could be missing out on some great features if you’re not scanning with ScanLife.

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Lightning Fast.

We know you are on the move. That’s why ScanLife guarantees a quick QR Code and UPC scanning experience that will get you the info you want in seconds.

One-Stop Scanning.

Want to scan multiple code formats? Go ahead, throw it our way! QR Codes, Datamatricx, UPC, EAN – we can handle it all.

Smarter Content.

Get the information you need from the product barcodes you scan. Find anything from the best prices and coupons to nutritional information and allergens. Just scan what you want to know about and we’ll take care of the rest.

One-Stop Scanning.

Join millions around the globe that are using ScanLife. Share deals and cool content you find with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. See what others are scanning in real time just as if you were in the store yourself!


Your app, your experience. Customize the look and feel of your barcode scanner with fun skins and themes. You can turn your QR Code app into a fighter jet!


Upgrade to the best barcode scanner and QR code reader on the market. ScanLife has millions of happy customers scanning every day.

Create QR Codes.

Create a ScanLife account to easily create your own QR Codes for free. Link them to your contact info or your favorite social network to share your info in a flash.

Create Scanning Apps.

If you’re a developer, we happen to have a scanner for you! Use our super fast SDK for Android, iOS, or BlackBerry to build your own apps.

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