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The ScanLife software development tools provide extensive system access to help developers make mobile marketing easier and more effective.

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We provide tools to access the Mobile Engagement Platform using SDKs and APIs. Developers can utilize these tools to build a virtual QR code management platform or easily integrate ScanLife features into an existing mobile application or marketing campaign.

In addition, our developers gain access to ScanLife’s Innovative Exchange which offers developers a community environment to learn, share and innovate with other developers, publishers and marketers.

Barcode Scanning Tools

  • Embedded SDK: Integrate a scanning function within a consumer app for Android, iPhone or BlackBerry.
  • Enterprise App with Custom ID: Scan 1D or 2D codes for inventory management or other B2B applications.

Code Generation, Management & Analytics

  • Web Development Kit: Place the Code Management Platform as an iFrame within a web environment.
  • Code Management API: Generate codes in real-time from any URL or image.
  • Analytics API: Collect data on ScanLife codes from an existing analytics platform.
  • Account Management API: Manage large quantities of user accounts.
  • Virtual Code Management Platform: Create a completely customizable code management platform.


  • Printer SDK: Converts EZcodes into TrueType fonts to print thousands of unique codes on packaging, direct mail or other material.
  • Browser Extension: Generate codes from any URL or image using plug-ins for three major browsers.
  • White Label Download Experience: Rebrand the ScanLife mobile download portal.
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