Client - Norma Kamali

Client: Norma Kamali
Country: United States
Placement: Apparel
Interaction: Large Business

The Challenge

When fashion designer & technology maverick Norma Kamali was looking for a democratic option for all of her customers to have access to her variety of collections, anytime/anywhere, she selected ScanLife.  The challenge was to bridge the gap between the shopping experience in store and the digital content available online-and ultimately bring the Norma Kamali store to life 24/7.

The ScanLife Solution

ScanLife codes were placed in a number of locations around the store which linked customers to video content telling the story behind the design. To create a more fun shopping experience,any of the Lotto codes gave the shopper a chance to win select items with just one click. Codes were also on the storefront window giving people more information and an option to purchase the products, even when the store was closed.