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Mobile Engagement Bring Signs to Life

Looking for a better way to deliver your message to interested consumers? With QR Codes and other mobile triggers, you can introduce new products, encourage app downloads and increase web traffic without interrupting their day. In fact, your brand will become part of their day.

Consider this:

Joe left work late and missed his bus.  There he is, waiting again.  We’ve all been there.  Now Joe has nothing but time and his Smartphone on hand until the next bus arrives.

In a few short minutes, Joe has already checked his emails and answered four.  He’s found nothing new on Instagram, and no activity on Facebook since he posted his status two minutes ago.

So, Joe decides to look around.

Gazing across the street, he sees a sign for the bakery where he grabbed his bagel that morning.  To his right, he notices several signs: for muffler shops, car dealers and fast food restaurants.

So many signs and advertisements, all in a blur.

Then, something on Joe’s left catches his eye.  It’s a sign announcing the release of a trendy new sports car.  He can definitely see himself in a car like that.  Joe wants to know more.  In fact, he’s been meaning to look into a new car, but between work and the gym, he never has the time.

Bingo, Joe gets exactly what he wants.  Thanks to a QR Code on the sign, Joe is already taking a virtual drive in the car of his dreams.  With one scan he’s comparing features, learning about gas mileage, and discovering dealership hours and locations.

The bus arrives and Joe smiles.  He already has an appointment for a test drive.

Engaging with your customers can be as simple as this.  Just meet them where they are, with QR Codes that lead them to you.

Want to learn more about how you can use mobile engagement to connect with customers in a more individualized, personal way? Then check out our case studies page featuring some of the largest brands in the world.

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