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Mobile Engagement: It’s Like Giving Your Customers a Personal Shopper

Take a look around the next time you’re at the mall. While most people are there to make a purchase, it’s obvious that every shopper is different.  One thirty-something female is pushing a double stroller on her way into a maternity store while another one rocks to the beat of headphones as she checks out every trendy boutique.

Even those who are wandering through the same shops seem to have conspicuously different motives. In an electronics store, a 45-year-old is looking to upgrade his smartphone to the new model that came out yesterday, while a young couple is deciding whether to buy a basic cell phone for their tween.

Electronics Store

Shoppers come in all shapes and sizes, with endless wants and needs.  So how can you attract every one of them with a one-size-fits-all campaign?

The answer is, you can’t.

That’s where mobile engagement comes in. With QR Codes and other engagement marketing tools, you can connect with customers on their terms, when and where their interest is highest.

Let’s use that electronics store as an example. While he’s waiting for a store employee to finish with another customer, that 45-year-old who wants to upgrade his smartphone can scan a code on the spot, giving him specific customer feedback about the product he’s considering, along with information about a swanky new accessories package that sweetens the deal. And how about the young couple with the tween?  They can score a money-saving coupon that will make their decision a whole lot easier—just by scanning a point-of-purchase code that their tween is sure to point out to them.

Barcodes let products and marketing tools speak for themselves, while ensuring that your information is communicated in a clear, consistent way—every time. And they can show up wherever your customers happen to be:  on products they’re using, signs they’re passing, drink cups they’re holding, walls of buildings where they’re working, or just about anywhere else you can imagine.  Best of all, you manage the messages associated with your codes, so you can change direction mid-stream without incurring reprint charges that blow your budget.

Want to learn more about how you can use mobile engagement to connect with customers in a more individualized, personal way? Then check out our case studies page featuring some of the largest brands in the world.

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