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QR Code x Action ÷ Context = Mobile Engagement

Nobody disputes the fact that Mobile Engagement is of increasing importance in the marketing mix. But we have to ask ourselves: why the fuss about Mobile Engagement at all? Isn’t Mobile Engagement the same as Digital Marketing, but on a smaller screen? Not exactly.

It’s all about action and context

Smartphones can display digital content but they can also trigger actions such as calling, texting, adding a calendar entry, etc. In fact, the best Mobile Engagement campaigns take advantage of these features to drive consumers to take a desirable action e.g. scan this to make a call to book your table, swipe here to record the event in your calendar, click there to send a text message to  get a coupon and so forth.

Image below: Some of the actions marketers routinely create with ScanLife

 Code actions


Second, marketers who wish to incentivize customers to follow a specific course of action, need to understand the context in which it happens. Smartphones are the modern day Swiss Army Knife: customers use them while watching television, commuting, shopping, and even during boring corporate meetings. They use their smartphones to compare prices in store, socialize, or find the answer to any question that crosses their mind. There are infinite reasons why a customer will reach for his or her Smartphone, but context determines the most relevant actions.


Mobile searches and context



Action and Context in practice

So in practical terms, what should marketers do with all of this? The answer, which we advocate to each of our clients, is to start with the customer experience and work your way back. First, understand your customer’s needs, what they are trying to accomplish in their moments of need, and the context in which it occurs. Then, identify the most relevant behavioural and context variables (location, time of day, device, language, demographics, whether he/she has already interacted with your content, etc.) and determine the different scenarios according to these variables. Always ask yourself: how does your incentive prompt the customer to take an action and how does context play into this?

Other tips & tricks

Browse the ScanLife blog. You’ll find a wealth of information, ranging from the latest mobile barcode trend report, to QR Code tutorials, to the latest innovative case studies. And remember: while Mobile Engagement is enabled by a wide range of technologies (Mobile app, QR Codes, NFC, Augmented Reality, etc.), it’s critical to realize that these principles apply regardless of the technology you chose.

Inspired? Why not join our Linkedin group “Exchanging Smarter Ideas on Mobile Engagement“, check out our website, or simply contact us.


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