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Custom Design QR Codes Made Easier

Creative professionals working on product packaging or advertisements fight for every bit of space to articulate the brand while maintaining some artistic integrity. So when a marketing manager mandates a square inch of space devoted to a QR Code, a sigh of frustration sometimes overcomes the designer: as this Ohio University paper highlights, customizing QR Codes requires great caution to make sure its readability isn’t hampered.

Disruptive technology inherently challenges the visual and behavioral status quo, by inviting consumers to take specific actions through explicit, unambiguous and recognized cues. Just as phone numbers accompanied the telephone and URLs connected the World Wide Web, QR Codes emerged as a complementary technology to the most disruptive technological development at present – the mobile phone.

QR Codes possess the intelligence to deliver enjoyable user experiences and mobile optimized content: embedded within the QR Code is the power to transform a typical encounter with a can of soda or magazine ad into an artful digital experience in the palm of one’s hand. In that sense, QR codes remind the marketer of the popular maxim – beauty is on the inside.

But QR Codes also have great potential for design, and to unleash them, ScanLife integrates the only QR Check™ technology which automatically verifies the readability of your custom design code.

At last, designers are offered the opportunity to design a clever QR Code that uses color and imagery to speak volumes, confident that they will work!

Send us your most creative QR Code ─we are inspired by creativity!

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