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Our Top Mobile Barcode Campaigns of 2011

In 2011 we saw some pretty amazing mobile barcode campaigns. If you’re searching for inspiration, look no further.

Here’s our top 10:

Taco Bell and MTV teamed up to help promote this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. QR Codes were placed on all of Taco Bell’s “Big Box Remixed” packages and large cups and delivered a variety of exclusive VMA content to users. The campaign led to over 400 thousand scans in six weeks. Find out more.

Contestants had to find 5 Mercedes-Benz cars with QR Codes within designated areas in Singapore. The first to find all 5 won a pair of Grandstand tickets to the Singapore Night Race and a weekend test drive with Mercedes-Benz. An amazing call to action. Check out the video.

Victoria’s Secret saucy QR code campaign. In reality it was not implemented, but it generated a lot of buzz around the internet.  See more pics.

What do you do if you’re a small, unknown shoe brand with a marketing budget that’s unable to compete with the giants? Use street marketing. Simple and clever. Find out more.

Hennessy launched limited edition Cognac in individually numbered bottles with special artwork. The bottle and international press release included a designer QR Code that linked customers to a mobile site with more information. To date the micro site has been accessed 1.3m+ times, with over 600k+ of them via the QR Code. Learn more.

Frito Lay launched a brand new program to get people to use their products in a whole new way – by scanning the 1D barcode present on every bag! Smart and easy. Find out more.

Customer activation, integrated marketing and multichannel promotion are all the rage these days. Don’t hesitate to use these buzzwords. Perrier blended QR codes, voice recognition and mobile web to create a very effective campaign. Learn more.

Another example of a small enterprise that used QR codes to get great results. Users would scan the cows, receive points, and purchase fresh diary products. What a brilliant idea. Check out the video.

JC Penney used QR codes so customers could create and record a personal voice message and attach it to their gift. See more.

To help promote safe sex in Stockholm and increase awareness, Swedish Agency Ester created one of the most creative and clever campaigns we’ve seen using QR codes. Watch the video.

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