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Want a 2D Code? Just Click!

2D barcodes, or QR Codes, are quickly growing in popularity to easily link physical objects to digital content.   We just released the ScanLife browser extension to make it easier than ever to create a 2D code from anywhere on the web in a one click.

Why use the extension?

The extension works for the same reason why many people use tool bars instead of actual websites – speed!  This tool makes it faster than ever to create, display and download all major 2D barcode formats (QR code, EZcode, and Datamatrix) from anywhere on the web.

Other benefits:

  • Create a code right from from any URL link or image file.
  • Link your codes to an existing ScanLife account so you can edit your codes at a later time, or get analytics from the scans if you have a Business account.
  • Download the code in multiple formats for print or the web.
  • Works on major browsers like IE, Firefox and Chrome (see links at bottom)

Possible Uses:

  • Save a great photo from Facebook, Flickr, etc. right to your phone.
  • Place your digital “badge” on places like your resume, email signature, t-shirts and more.  Just go to your Facebook or Twitter page and create a code.
  • Quickly create a code from Google Maps to take contact information or directions to a new restaurant or store.
  • For business use, you can create codes in bulk without logging into your ScanLife account. This may make it easier to create a bunch of codes in a short period of time.

Get the extension now for any browser:

Internet Explorer



Once you have the file installed, it should be very simple to use, but you can look at some detail instruction right here.

Let us know how would you use it…

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    • One Response for "Want a 2D Code? Just Click!"

      1. Dana November 9th, 2010 at 8:04 PM 1

        Downloaded the extension, however if I type website in the browser bar and right click, there is no option for “add to scanlife”. However, this works on an image or a link already within a site. Should an actual icon for scanlife showed up in my toolbar?

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