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ScanLife & Retail 101

It’s been awhile since we did a basic 101 post, so we thought we would take a look at how retailers can use barcodes (both 2D and 1D) to help give shoppers valuable content.  After all, the holidays are right around the corner!  Check out this recent report from Sterling Commerce which has some pretty amazing numbers, including 25% of people are already using their phones to price compare (with ScanLife and other apps).

Why Should a Retailer Use ScanLife?

  1. Give shoppers deeper information, without needing to leave the store or spend time away from the shopping experience.
  2. Provide cross-sell opportunities by matching products, linking to online inventory information, or linking to online communities to get friend recos.  60% of people want inventory info in the store.
  3. Existing UPC codes on products or hang tags can be registered to link to specific content without needing to print new material

How are Codes Being Used in Retail?

There are a number of ways this technology has been used and can be used.  Here are a few, but the options are virtually endless!

  • Drive shoppers to retail from outside marketing like print, direct mail, etc. Consumer can view closest store locations and current sales.
  • Codes are placed in storefront windows that enable potential shoppers to purchase an item on their mobile device when the store is closed, or enter the store with a discount offer.  See the Norma Kamali campaign as a great example.
  • Codes placed at the point of sale that show complimentary products or demo videos of how the product can be used or worn.
  • Link the customer to view alternative size or colors, and order online if it is not available in store.
  • Offer a discount for an item which can be redeemed at check out (if capable) or by email rebate.
  • “Lotto” codes that offer shoppers the chance to win a product instantly. See the Norma Kamali campaign as a great example.
  • Check in by scanning a code that links to Foursquare for exclusive offers which other visitors can’s see.

You can download a White Paper on this topic here, and feel free to add your retail ideas below!

What’s the value to Real Estate?

Using mobile barcode technology in the real estate market gives potential buyers immediate information when they need it most. In one scan, they can unlock an interactive world of real estate insight, listing details and more – right from physical media which you’re already using today.

  • Codes can be placed on any traditional media like magazines, direct mail, and signage – or even on websites or email blasts
  • Codes maximize your messaging exposure and open your customer to a world of digital content which they need and want
  • In a world where your client may not have a lot of time, barcode technology will give them more information in a matter of seconds

How are codes being used in real estate?

ü Link to a virtual tour with photos or video

ü Schedule a showing or call the broker

ü Provide a map of the home & surrounding area

ü Offer price comparisons for other local homes/ apartments for sale

ü Allow customer to see similar listings

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