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Using 2D Codes to ‘Unwrap’ Packaging

We sometimes overlook the importance of the simple package, but it’s really what consumers interact with more than any other branded media.  We use it to make a final decision at the store and it can sometimes sit on our dining table every morning of the week.  But let’s face it, it’s not the most dynamic or exciting thing in the world – it’s a box, a bottle, or a bag that we throw away as soon as we can.

Enter 2D barcodes to the rescue! 

The amazing thing about these codes  is how easy they are to mass produce on practically any printed surface – especially the EZcode format.  You simply include an image on any packaging, and now you have instantly converted the simple package into a clickable, digital link – right from the phone.

Two new projects have been launched recently which used EZcodes on packaging.

The first is from the Frito Lay’s Sabritas brand in Mexico which has placed a code on a special Halloween version of the Cheetos package.  The code links to free branded wallpapers which can be downloaded right to the phone.  They have also placed some simple instructions on how to get the free application which is locally called Códigos Ideas.

Cheetos Package_Front Cheetos Package_Back

Another great application comes from BISSELL Homecare who has placed EZcodes across an entire line of vacuum cleaners which are sold by retailers nationwide. The buyer can scan the code to link to additional information on the product or download instructions.

Bissell PackageBissell Package_tight

So these are just two examples – one that allows a consumer to easily download branded content, and one that is more functional in providing additional product information.  Both however allow the consumer to immediately get more from the product.

A code can act as an instant win game, add loyalty points to an existing account, or even give recipes ideas when you’re fresh out.  So, 2D codes give you a nice little way to enter a whole new world from something we interact with every day.

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