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Taking Impulse Buys to a New Level

Don’t we all need ways to sell and buy things faster and easier?  Of course we do and what if we could do it by scanning a 2D code from a poster on the bus or an ad in the newspaper.

Amazon released a new service this week which allows virtually anyone with a mobile formatted website to add m-commerce using Amazon’s network of existing users.   Of course PayPal started offering this two years ago, so there are well over 100 million people that already have one or both of these accounts today.  So you can build your site any way you want, show videos, offer other content, and then add a button for someone to buy practically anything.

This past year, a book called Brand Digital by Allan Adamson placed an EZcode on the back cover.  It linked directly to the book’s Amazon page where someone could read user reviews, and buy the book in one click.

Brand Digital

This uses existing content from Amazon and its already formatted for mobile without doing a thing.  It really couldn’t be much easier – and it probably shouldn’t!

So next time you see a 2D code, remember that you may be entering a virtual store with an offer that’s too good to be true.  The only problem is that you may leave with your virtual wallet a little lighter.

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